What kind of students can benefit the most from ClearConcepts Programs?


To benefit from ClearConcepts Live Online Classroom Programme, students need to have the following characteristics

  • Fluency in English as this is the only language in which we teach.
  • Comfort with using basic technology such as computers, microphones, headsets, browsing, downloading and installing applications etc.
  • Ability to concentrate for unto 100 minutes in classes without a break.
  • Time Commitment: ClearConcepts expects work of about 20-25 hours per week on average for the Engineering and Medical Entrance Programs.
  • Study Habits: ClearConcepts methodology of teaching hinges around teaching and revision. Students need to be disciplined enough to follow the laid down learning process diligently. This is tracked, analyzed and reported to parents.
  • Self Driven nature: As long as students do not disrupt classes, we will not discipline lagging students. A self driven desire for success and learning is necessary to make the most of the several features that can benefit diligent students.
  • Participative Nature in Class: ClearConcepts classes are very interactive, with many questions posed in each live class to the students. Teachers know exactly what each student has answered (or whether a student has not answered at all!). Students who participate in such interactive classes through the polls, chat and asking questions using the mic will stand to make the most out of the ClearConcepts Live Online Classroom Programmes.

Of course, having a basic desire to learn and know more helps!