Results at JEE Main JEE Advanced and BITSAT:


ClearConcepts Student Results


ClearConcepts Results have been excellent despite being a young Institution that was founded in 2010 with a vision to provide the best possible learning to students. ClearConcepts students have attained an amazing success rate at the Competitive Exams that they have taken.

At the JEE Main 2014, results for which were released on 3 May 2014, greater than 70% of students completing the programs have qualified for the JEE Advanced to be held on 25th May 2014. This is an outstanding success rate.

At BITSAT 2014, several students have done well enough to obtain a seat at the Pilani campus in excellent branches.

At the JEE Advanced 2014 60% of those qualifying to write the exam have secured ranks!

These are extremely consistent results. From our very first batch, ClearConcepts has had a greater than 65% success rate for students clearing the JEE main cutoff to qualify for the JEE Advanced.

Faculty at ClearConcepts, in their previous roles at other institutions, have taught several hundreds of students who have joined the IITs, NITs and BITS Pilani Campuses. View our Testimonials Page to get a sense for what past students have to say about ClearConcepts and its faculty. You may also wish to view our Testimonials Page on Facebook to view such voluntary feedback provided by past and present students.


Understanding Results:


As a young Institution, ClearConcepts is an alternative to many larger Institutions who advertise a large number of successful students. However, it is important to gain some perspective with respective to these numbers. It is important to understand two important ideas before interpreting such numbers.


Results are out of how many students taught?


It is common practice among coaching institutions to say that several hundred of their students have cleared the JEE Main, JEE Advanced or the AIPMT in a given year. By itself this seems impressive. However the question to ask, is how many students of the ones completing the exams secured results. Remember in the JEE Main, the success rate is roughly 10%. This means that an institute that taught 10,000 students would expect to get 1000 students even with mediocre teaching. What is more important is the success rate.  An institution that teaches 50 students and produces results for 35 of them is much more successful  than an institution that teaches 10,000 students and produces results for 1000 of them. ClearConcepts teaches a smaller number of students but a larger percentage of these students are successful at competitive exams.

Does the Institution screen students?


If an institution conducts tests for admissions, takes the best students and still can produce only the 10% success rate or a marginally better one then that is not a good result. Consider a coaching institution that takes a test, takes 30,000 high scoring students and produces results for  5000 of them. This represents a success rate of a little under 20% when working with the cream of students. Consider another institute that takes 50 students without any screening and produces results for 35 of them. Despite the smaller number of students, in reality the percentage success ratio is far better than the first even without screening students ! ClearConcepts does not screen students – this makes our results that much more impressive.