ClearConcepts Programs are offered in two formats, to suit the learning styles and budgets of different students.

1. Live Online Classroom Programs: These Programs are meant for students who wish to replicate a classroom learning experience. A real teacher teaches each class online, using high quality, proof read notes, a whiteboard and virtual experiments and labs. The teacher interacts with students as the class progresses, asking questions to gauge understanding that all students need to answer, answering student questions, clarifying doubts – in short, it has all the features that a face to face class does and more. Students need to attend the Live Class in batches at pre- determined times.

2. Guided Self Study (GSS) Programs: These Programs are meant for students who prefer to study at their own pace, albeit guided within an overall program structure. The primary difference is that teaching is done via recordings instead of the Live Online Classroom. These are not interactive as a result, by themselves and the onus on each student to complete classes at their own schedule. The materials for topics in each subject, including the recordings are made available sequentially, in the order that needs to be followed, so at any time students know what they should be focusing on. If students in GSS Programs want the ability to ask questions, they need to purchase a separate Plus Package as an add on to the GSS Program.

Not all our Programs are offered in GSS format.

Both Programs offer Quality Study Notes (the same ones used by the teacher in teaching Live Classes), Quizzes, Tutorial Notes, Assignments and Tests.

Please click to see the differences between the Live Online Interactive Programs and the Guided Self Study Programs.

Guidelines to Choose between Program Formats:


To help you decide which programme is better for you, please see if the criteria for each apply to you.

Choose the Live Online Classroom Program if:

  • You need concepts and applications to be explained to you by good teachers
  • You need a teacher led structured program
  • You want your doubts clarified and questions answered by teachers in live interactive classes.
  • You need teachers to explain topics and interdependencies.
  • You need your understanding checked by faculty
  • You like to participate in live classes to ensure that you have understood the material being taught
  • You like to collaborate with other students in class
  • You would like to answer questions posed by the teacher in class to gauge your understanding

Choose the Guided Self Study Program if:

  • You are able to study high quality materials by yourself.
  • You are comfortable receiving instruction from recordings instead of a live teacher in realtime.
  • You have access to teachers outside the Program who can clear your doubts when they arise.
  • Your budget is constrained.

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