You are probably at this page because you, or your child, has just completed or is about to complete their Class X exams and is wondering what to do in terms of preparing for entrance exams to Medical / para medical courses like the AIPMT / NEET etc.

While there exist a lot of classes for engineering students, good coaching classes targeting the medical examinations are far fewer. Nevertheless, there are many courses to choose from and you are really wondering which probably works best for you.

ClearConcepts presents to you an alternative which has all the features that any good coaching class would have and a lot more

The ClearConcepts methodology features

  • Live Online classes held at scheduled times
  • Logical Teaching Sequence progressing from
    • Classroom Theory
    • Quizzes on Concepts
    • Application of Concepts through Labs / Tutorials and Assignments
    • Eventual Comprehensive Testing
  • Focusing on concepts rather than learning by rote
  • High Quality notes which are available to the student in one place throughout the program

In addition to high quality classroom teaching (led by well qualified and highly experienced teachers), the ClearConcepts options presents the following advantages

  • Convenience
    • Studying from home reduces time / energy spent on travelling.
  • Highly interactive:
    • Students can ask questions
      • Via Mike
      • Via Chat
      • Via Private Chat
      • Via Offline Doubts
  • Highly personalized
    • Online Analytics can
      • Track effort made
      • Track performance
      • Correlate effort and performance
      • Direct efficiency of effort
  • Regular Counselling sessions if necessary


ClearConcepts has started this program recently after achieving excellent results in the entrance exams for IIT JEE /BITSAT exams. Our Biology curriculum will take care of all the entrance exams being targeted by you / your child.


Program Highlights:

  • Program starts in June, 2015
  • Six pre scheduled classes (each of approx 90) mins per week
  • Syllabus completed by around September, 2016
  • 3 Month Revision Programme from October, 2016 to January, 2017
  • Six pre scheduled classes (each of approx 90) mins per week



Programme Fees:

  •  Upfront Plan:                       Rs. 59,000 per annum  (Incl. Taxes)
  • Instalment Plan:                           Rs. 65,000  per annum (Incl. Taxes)
    • On Signup :                           Rs. 30,000
    • 1st Aug 2015 :                       Rs. 20,000
    • 1st Nov 2015 :                       Rs. 15,000
    • 1st Feb 2016 :                       Rs. 30,000
    • 1st Aug 2016 :                       Rs. 20,000
    • 1st Nov 2016 :                       Rs. 15,000



  • Early Bird Offer

Subscribe before 31st March 2015 and avail a discount of 10% to the published prices

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