What is the ClearConcepts method?


ClearConcepts Coaching Programs focuse precisely on these two aspects. We extend the knowledge imparted at a student’s school via comprehension and application. We do this by imparting a multiple concepts integrating, problem-solving approach that students interalize, so that they can apply it to virtually any problem at study and beyond!
Our Engineering and Medical Entrance Programs are designed to run concurrently with and supplementary to schoolwork during the two years spanning Classes XI and XII. We believe that both schoolwork and ClearConcepts Programs are integral to academic success.

Logical Teaching Methodology

Each topic is covered using a series of Concept Classes.

In each Concept Class, the bases of various concepts are explained from first principles.

To do this, we use a variety of teaching aids including laboratory simulations where possible.

In order that students understand what is taught in a class perfectly, we provide them with one or two Bride Quizzes immediately after each class.

These quizzes are fairly simple and seek to root the concepts in their minds.

Each quiz is evaluated on the spot allowing the students to appreciate their level of understanding.

A student can give a quiz any number of times till he is confident his understanding is complete.

Once a set of concepts is understood, we then conduct sessions on how these concepts are to be applied to solution of numerical.

This is done by solving a few well chosen examples of differing grades of difficulties to give the student an idea of how questions can be framed.

Each tutorial too, is followed by a Bridge Quiz where some more simple problems are given for them to evaluate their understanding of application of concepts.

Once a topic and all concepts within that topic and their applications are covered, we test the students ability to apply the concept (along with any others as applicable) in an ability assignment.

Successfully completing such assignments cements the concept in the mind of the student.

After a few topics are covered, we test the students understanding across all concepts covered in a Comprehensive Test.

This goes towards ensuring that the student does not ‘forget’ a concept after having once mastered it.

As the JEE exam nears we provide the students with several Mock Tests in which we test their ability to solve problems in as close to JEE exam terms as possible.

We also help them understand the evaluation, point out where they went wrong and provide them tips on how to solve problems efficiently.