Getting a sensible Head Start with the JEE Foundation Program


Students who write competitive examinations after Std XII face several challenges. Firstly, the breadth and depth of subjects expands considerably from Std X to Std XI. This means that school topics themselves become more numerous and are of a significantly higher level as compared to topics in Std X.  Secondly students need to focus on Competitive Exams that require extending these topics taught to deeper comprehension and their application to complex problems. The JEE Foundation Programs are for students of Std IX and Std X wishing to follow this approach.


How should students counter this sudden jump in both the extent and depth of study?


Students should prepare themselves to best understand the ideas that they will face in Std XI and XII, should they take up science. To do so they need to

a. Make sure they understand Std IX and Std X topics in an in depth manner, going beyond the factual knowledge required for boards into deeper comprehension and simple application.

b. Gain a  very basic appreciation of advanced topics that they will study in Std XI and XII so that when these topics are taught to them in Std XI and XII, they already possess a basic foundation on some of these topics.

The JEE Foundation Programs’ syllabus comprises some of the important ideas taught in Std IX and Std X and some advanced topics. While this program only focused on Physics, Chemistry and Math, it is also suitable for students planning to prepare for Medical Entrance Exams such as AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER and CMC Vellore Entrance Test.

ClearConcepts JEE Foundation Programs


The ClearConcepts JEE Foundation Programs are designed around this approach. The Programs offer several additional benefits.

Firstly, Students get an opportunity to deeply understand the basic concepts underlying all of Science. A primary goal of the Foundation Programs is to inculcate in students an appreciation for the logic underlying scientific method. This lays a strong base on which to build for the future, whether for school or for Competitive Exams.

Secondly, students begin the process of learning time management early. This is an invaluable skill when they start studying in earnest in Std XI and XII, both for school and competitive exams. ClearConcepts JEE Foundation Programs provide a low stress initial way to learning this.

Thirdly, Students get exposure to online learning in a low pressure environment. Online Learning is the way many students will learn in future and such modes of learning have already found their way into Engineering and Medical Colleges in India. ClearConcepts JEE Foundation Programs offer an easy and convenient way to exploring online learning.


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