Flash ’em Cards


In our analysis of the JEE Main 2014 Exam, we had recommended the making and usage of Flash Cards as a great studying tool.

They are a great way to prepare and stay prepared for the JEE Main 2015 and indeed all exams in general.

Here, we are going to examine Flash Cards more closely.


Flash Cards – What are they?


  • They are akin to having a daily dose of vitamins in a concentrated form
  • They are all facts relating to a concept condensed to ONE card (or as few as possible)
  • They help you absorb and assimilate the essence of a concept in an easy-to-remember way.
  • They free you from bulky books for revision
  • They can be easily referred to anywhere — while standing, sitting, travelling, whenever!

How to make good Flash Cards 


  • Good Flash Cards will have
    • The gist of a concept
    • Explanations
    • Examples

Since you are breaking down information while making them, you invariably grasp a lot about the concept you are making the flash cards for.

Flash Cards – What they are not


  • They are not a replacement for books
  • Flash Cards will only help if you have grasped a particular concept in its entirety


Tips for Making Flash Cards


  • Display
    • Write in clear handwriting
    • Use different colors to make different elements stand out
    • Feel free with short forms to make them crisper
  • Content
    • Write simply
    • Do not cram too much info on one flash card
    • Use your own language. Put things down in a way you can understand
  • Visuals
    • If you are using a computer to make them, incorporate simple diagrams, figures and charts
  • Physical Attributes
    • Use good quality paper
    • Use a size that can be stuffed in pockets – usually 3 x5 inches
    • Use stilff paper so that it can handle innumerable leafing through

Usage of Flash Cards


  • Leaf through them three times a day
    • This may sound like mugging. But it is not.
    • It is assimilating concepts that you have understood.
  • If you have too many sets, keep aside the ones you know best.
  • Just before the exam,
    • concentrate on those that are vital for your understanding of a chapter
    • or those that contain particularly complex information.


Wish you all the best for your exams


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