JEE Live Online Coaching Versus IIT JEE Correspondence Course


ClearConcepts classes offer significant benefits compared to a IIT JEE Correspondence Course as well as over classroom programmes offered by other IIT coaching Institutes.  It is a full fledged programme featuring live online classes, notes, doubt clearing sessions, graded quizzes and assignments, mock tests and the ability to ask questions anytime inside and outside the online class. This makes the  ClearConcepts IIT Online coaching programme is clearly superior to IIT JEE correspondence courses that provide only notes, where there is no contact with teachers and nobody to ask doubts to. Neither do IIT JEE correspondence courses provide any customized feedback to students to help them improve. At ClearConcepts, however each student’s effort and performance is analysed in minute detail. This allows for constructive feedback to be provided to each student.

In addition to being interactive, our IIT JEE online coaching classes allow for the use of various teaching aids such as simulations, and applets in the class itself.  These go a long way in understanding concepts. Since the programme is completely online, we are able to collect data related to effort put in by students and their performance and correlate the two. The feedback provided at ClearConcepts is individualized by analyzing this data and suggesting data based corrective action, something unavailable at any other IIT JEE Correspondence Coaching Institute or even any IIT JEE Classes that are face to face in nature.

The ClearConcepts programme is superior in methodology, content and student engagement to traditional Classroom coaching programmes and IIT JEE Correspondence Courses.