The ClearConcepts Online Advantage


ClearConcepts follows a teaching methodology that focuses on making sure that students’ have a deep understanding of concepts and ideas and their application in a variety of problem settings. In addition, Live, Interactive, Online Classes have many advantages over traditional face to face classes. Together, these combine to provide compelling advantages for students who join these programs. Some of the specific reasons why ClearConcepts Programs are significantly superior include the following:


  • Complete programme featuring live online interactive classes, notes, graded quizzes and assignments, ability to ask questions anytime and mock tests.
  • Focus on converting conceptual clarity to applied knowledge, which helps students at school as well. With the new pattern of exams that include school scores in some form or fashion, this is extremely important.
  • Faculty are able to use applets and demonstrations that help in clarifying difficult concepts. Such methodologies can only be followed in online classrooms.
  • The opportunity to ask questions anytime inside and outside the live class and get detailed responses that often use multimedia such as screencasts. Doubt clearing sessions are also done online.
  • Convenience : Students can attend the programme from home on an internet broadband connection, saving time and minimizing health and safety concerns.
  • Data based feedback correlating a student’s effort with performance, leading to individualized feedback that is also made available to parents.
  • Super High Class Productivity: Since the exact same notes used by teachers in teaching the Live Online Class are made available to students, students do not waste time and attention in needlessly copying notes. They spend all their time in class focusing on understanding the ideas taught. Teachers do not waste time writing notes and other activities such as making sure that students are not talking to each other and so on. As a result, each hour spent in a ClearConcepts class is worth two classes in a face to face setting.
  • Classes are not disrupted by situations like strikes and riots, which disrupt contact classes. Students for the JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT exams also need to focus on Board exams as these count in some form or fashion. With all the time saved in travel the online nature of the program helps immensely.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty teach ClearConcepts Programs. Our faculty comprise IITans, PhDs, Gold Medallists and Career Teachers who are passionate about teaching and Learning.