Asking Questions – The Key to Learning!


“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” – Voltaire


At ClearConcepts we believe that true learning occurs when one crosses the bridge from asking a question to receiving an answer. We believe in offering our students the opportunity to ask as many questions as needed to comprehend a topic. ClearConcepts students can ask questions anytime, as they occur, both inside class and outside class. Students can use Digital Pens to submit their handwritten working to questions so ClearConcepts faculty can guide them and identify exactly where they are going wrong. This ability to clarify doubts whenever they arise is particularly important for the JEE Advanced and AIIMS where questions are of a higher order requiring considerable integration of concepts.


Video Answers for Questions Asked:


Answers to tougher questions are far more easily communicated through short videos. ClearConcepts Programs also contain LearningLabs, where we visually demonstrate Concepts and application to students in our Live Online Classes. The videos here represent a sample of the videos that ClearConcepts faculty create to answer these student questions and the Learning Labs. These are organised by the appropriate ClearConcepts Program and Subject.

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