Continuous Feedback and Evalution Features


The following are some ways in which ClearConcepts assesses student effort and performance on an ongoing basis and is able to provide customised, individualised feedback to both student and parent. Good coaching for IIT JEE and Medical Entrance exams requires close monitoring of student effort and performance on an ongoing basis. This needs to be fed back to students in an individualized and actionable manner.


  • Gradebook: Access to the grade book to see what they scored in which attempt, which questions they got right and which ones they got wrong in each attempt.


  • Students can continuously gauge their performance relative to top performing students across all subjects, not just at an aggregate level, but also at each assessment, whether it is a quiz or an assignment.


  • Quarterly Report Card that analyzes effort (quizzes and assignments taken, number of attempts, test scores and a rating on where you stand with respect to preparation)


  • Assessment at ClearConcepts is continuous. There are Quizzes and Assignments that are graded for each class.


  • In addition to continuous assessments, ClearConcepts has two kinds of tests. Revision Tests, held every 4-6 weeks are drawn from the questions asked in the assignments and quizzes. Comprehensive Tests are Mock Tests that students need to take every quarter so that they can get to understand the environment and exam pattern of the real exams.


  • Testing on Concepts in Class Q & A provides immediate feedback on whether a student has understood concepts taught or not.


  • Learnalytics tracks student performance (effort and results) real-time. A mentor analyzes this data at regular intervals and provides continued feedback to the student on a monthly basis. The feedback assesses whether students have put in enough and correlates this to the results and preparedness level of each students. This analysis is done on a regular basis at all our programs.


  • Each month Parents and Students get the ReadyReport which explains Subject wise, topic wise preparedness levels and the  RangeReport that lists all activities performed by the student in the previous month.


  • Each month students also get a Range Report that reviews all the effort that they have made in the past month. This helps us understand whether a student is current or not, whether he is keeping up with the program or not and helps us figure out study patterns for each student that can be improved upon.


  • Parents get a login ID and password for up to the minute information on students effort and performance


  • Parent Teacher Meetings to discuss performance and remedial action with faculty. Parents also have access to the monthly Range Report and the Ready Report. Coaching for IIT JEE and Medical Entrance exams at ClearConcepts involves parents completely and provides them with information on an ongoing basis.