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FAQ General

Is there any entrance exam for admission to these courses?

No, ClearConcepts takes all students without any entrance exams

What are the advantages of online classes?

The principal advantages of online classes are
  • You save time required to commute to and from classes
  • You can therefore attend classes well rested and refreshed
  • In case you miss a class, you can always view a recording of the same
  • In case you have doubts you can post them immediately to an online forum where they will get speedily resolved
  • Online classes can pay individual attention to each student, something that is just not possible in a physical class

How do you pay individual attention to students?

Because the classes are online, it is possible to track each students work individually and precisely.

ClearConcepts provides periodical reports which tell you

  • How ready are you for the exams?
  • What has been the work done by you during a specific period?
  • How can you improve your preparation?

Do you guarantee admissions to any institute?

No, results are dependent as much on student efforts that are not in our control. Students who have completed the program have had an excellent success rate.

If I discontinue after joining, will you refund my fees?

If you choose to withdraw within two weeks of joining our programs we will refund your entire fees barring the service tax.

After this time period, no fees are refundable by ClearConcepts

What languages do you teach in?

English is the only medium of instruction at ClearConcepts.

Aren’t the Internet and Power problems in attending Live Online Classes?

Some precautions need to be taken if your power situation is uncertain.

These involve using a laptop and arranging a UPS for the internet modem.

Students from all across India already attend Live Online Classes successfully.

Do I need special equipment to attend your classes?

No, a standard computer with a sound card, a good internet broadband connection are needed.

You do need an inexpensive digital tablet pen which is a substitute for a mouse and helps write clearly on screen.

Are the Programs taught by real teachers or are they recordings?

Classes in ClearConcepts Programs are taught by real teachers in real time.

What is your success rate?

ClearConcepts students completing the two year program have on average achieved a 60% plus success rate at the JEE Main and a 30% plus success rate at the JEE Advanced.

Overall, more than 70% of students completing the two year program have scored enough to get admissions to the NITs, IIITs, IITs and BITS.

Do you offer free coaching, discounts or scholarships?

Currently we offer a 10% discount on the course charges if you sign up before April 30.

In addition, we have attractive referral discounts where you get a discount in the next academic year if students enroll on your recommendation.

Do you offer one on one coaching?

In specific cases, pro-active, one on one counseling is also undertaken.

How can I get a demonstration of a Live Online Classroom?

Click here and we will soon get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration.

How do I find out more about your Engineering and Medical Entrance Examination Programs?

Click here to find out more about our Engineering and Medical Entrance Examination Programs

How do I find out more about your Foundation Programs?

Click here to find out more about our Foundation Programs

Learning Centre

How does a student gain access to notes/materials?

Our Learning Centre houses all information about the Program from notes and materials, other resources, scheduling information, updates to the Program, communications to students, etc. To log on to the Learning Centre, each student is given a password-protected user id, using which he can access the resources.

Do you provide printed notes?

No. All ClearConcepts materials are provided online.

Why are your notes entirely online?

ClearConcepts is able to provide high-quality color notes to students online. This is not possible with printed material. Additionally, ClearConcepts is a green company. Printed notes require cutting trees, which we are against.

Can a student download materials?

No. ClearConcepts notes are only available online. This facilitates the tracking of the usage of these notes on a student-specific basis--that is an important component of the feedback we provide.

Why are recordings available?

If a student misses a live class or needs to refresh a concept, recordings of the live class are available on the Learning Centre.

Do you provide audio books?


How can a student clarify doubts outside class?

Every subject has a Q&A forum. If a student has a doubt outside class, he simply needs to ask a question using the Q&A forum for that subject. As soon as a student posts a question, the teacher and all the other students are informed by e-mail. The normal response time for a question is a few hours.

How do students know deadlines for quizzes and assignment submissions?

The calendar for every subject clearly marks out all events. High-priority events are shown separately. This keeps all students informed.

How are assignments submitted and graded?

All assignments are submitted online and graded right away by our learning management system. In most cases, the student will be able to review his responses immediately after making a submission. For the submissions for which review is not immediately possible, the student can review his responses after the deadline for the submission.

When are assignment solutions available?

The solutions to the assignments are posted on the Learning Centre within a day after the submission deadline.

Can students communicate with each other?

Students can communicate with each other using the blog forum for each subject. Students often post interesting articles or humorous ones on this forum. If a student wishes to communicate specifically with another student, he can use the messaging system of the Learning Centre to do so.

Do you conduct simulated tests?

We conduct three-hour tests on completion of logical units in all three subjects. At the start of the Program, tests are held once a quarter; while towards the end, the frequency increases. Of course, our quizzes and assignments, which are regularly evaluated, are frequently testing our students.

How do you conduct your quizzes/tests?

We conduct all our quizzes/tests online. A student needs to login to the Learning Centre and attempt the quiz/test from there by clicking on the link for the quiz/test. Instructions relevant to the quiz/test are provided on the Learning Centre itself. In keeping with the current form of the JEE/AIEEE/BITSAT, the quizzes/tests are objective in nature. The student needs to either select the correct option by clicking on a radio button/check box or key in a numerical answer.

How do students know where they stand in class?

The landing page of each subject has performance blocks. One of them lists the top three students for the subject, taking all submissions into account. A second block lists the top three students in the most recently-graded submission. The third block lists the top five users of the subject resources. For greater detail, each subject has a Grade Book. When a student accesses the Grade Book, he will be able to see his rank for every quiz, assignment or resource.

What if a student loses his password?

In such a situation, the student needs to notify us by sending us an e-mail from the e-mail address he has given us. We will then reset the password and e-mail the new login credentials to him at the same e-mail address.


What are the subjects taught?

We teach Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, in the Engineering program.

Biology is taught in lieu of Mathematics in the Medical program.

Do you provide coaching for individual subjects?

Yes we do. Please contact us for details on pricing.

What syllabus do you follow?

The topics taught in the engineering/medical program are a mix of those taught in schools in Std XI and XII required for the Competitive Entrance Exams.

The focus is to apply concepts learned to applications required for competitive exams

What time are the classes and what is the class schedule like?

Classes start at 6 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on weekends. We have 6 -7 classes in a week of a duration of 1 and a half hour each (90 min).

The program has 70 – 80 classes each in Physics, Chemistry and Math.

The programs run typically from June to Feb for Std. XI and April to October for Std. XII

A complete revision program that runs from October to December is also included in the XII std program.

All students are offered a full length test series commencing after the 12th board exams. to prepare for the JEE Main exams.

What do the programs cost?

The cost of each course is given in the table below.

Click on the course for more information on each program.

Course Up Front Fee Instalment Plan Fee
2 Year JEE Main Coaching Classes (per annum) Rs. 79,000 Rs. 85,000
1 Year JEE Main Coaching Classes Rs. 89,000 Rs. 95,000
4 Month JEE Main Crash Course Rs. 39,000
2 Year Medical Entrance Coaching Classes (per annum) Rs. 59,000 Rs. 65,000
1 Year Medical Entrance Coaching Classes Rs. 69,000 Rs. 75,000

Presently we are offering a discount of 10%  to participants who sign up before May 1, 2015

How can I get a demonstration of a Live Online Classroom?

Click here and we will soon get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration.


What is the reliability of technology in a virtual classroom?

ClearConcepts provides its students with a check-list specifying the minimum configuration needed for a reliable and smooth experience during our online classes. If the student’s equipment meets this minimum, then a reliability of 99% can be achieved.

What kind of computer do I need?

We recommend a Pentium 4 or better laptop with 1 GB RAM and at least two hours of battery life. We suggest a laptop because then one does not need to worry about UPS power. This should run Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and be internet capable. It should have a soundcard with microphone and headphone jacks and at least a 13-inch screen.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

ClearConcepts recommends a cable broadband connection with a bandwidth of at least 1Mbps. (See also the question about power answered below.)

Will a datacard work?

A 3G datacard (like Tata Photon Plus or Reliance NetConnect) can be used and does away with the need for a modem and the UPS to which the modem is attached. However, the reliability of a datacard is not as high as that of a cable broadband connection.

Will power be a problem?

In order to deal with power outages, we recommend that students use a laptop with at least two hours of battery backup. If the student is using a desktop, it should be connected through a UPS to an inverter/generator that switches on within a couple of minutes. In addition, the internet modem should be connected to a small UPS to ensure that the connection is not lost in case of power failure. If a router is used, then that too must be connected to the UPS.

What does the internet and power requirement cost?

Most homes have broadband connections already. The lowest broadband speed available right now is 256kbps. Switching the plan to 1Mbps involves an incremental cost of about Rs 200 per month. An APC UPS having a rating of 500VA now costs less than Rs 2,000.

Do I need any additional equipment?

A digital pen that costs less than Rs 2000 is required to be able to write on the digitial whiteboard in class and to write occasional handwritten notes when posting questions to the Learning Centre Q&A Forums. A mouse will not do. A basic scanner is needed to scan handwritten queries into a document that can be uploaded to the Learning Centre. Alternately, students can purchase a device known as a note-taker, which combines the functions required of a digital pen and a scanner.

Why do I need a headset? Why can’t I use my computer speaker?

Since our classes are fully interactive, we expect students to ask questions. If a student uses his microphone while using speakers, the audio feedback produced disrupts the class. Hence, we require all students to use a headset

Do I need a webcam?


FAQ Foundation Courses

What subjects does the program cover?

The Program teaches Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Do you provide coaching for individual subjects?

Do you provide coaching for individual subjects?

What syllabus do you follow?

The topics taught in the foundation program are a mix of those taught in schools in Std IX and X.

A few topics from Std XI required for the Competitive Entrance Exams are also introduced.

The focus is to apply concepts learned to applications required for competitive exams

Will this Program replace tuitions for Std IX and X?

The Program will help students understand concepts of almost all topics taught in Std IX and X at school level.

It is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of Science with a view to taking up Science in Std XI and XII.

It focuses on a genuine understanding of topics not on memorization of facts, which is what is largely tested in Board Exams.

It is not intended to replace tuitions for Std. IX and X

What time are the classes and what is the class schedule like?

Classes start at 6 PM on weekdays and 4 PM on weekends.

We have 3 – 4 classes in a week of a duration of 1 hour each.

The program has 20 – 25 classes each in Physics, Chemistry and Math.

The programs run typically from June to December.

What does the program cost?

The program fee for each year is Rs. 25,000 including taxes.

Presently we are offering a discount of 10% for participants signing up before May 1, 2015

How can I get a demonstration of a Live Online Classroom?

Click here and we will soon get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration.


When do you think is the right time for a student to start IIT JEE AIEEE coaching?

Given the curriculum followed by most schools, in our opinion it is not of much use to commence IIT JEE AIEEE focused coaching before Class XI. Concepts required for the exam and prerequisites are taught only from that class onwards. We believe that an average student will need two full years of preparation for these exams. It is possible to teach some preliminary topics in Class X, but these have to be carefully dealt with, targeting genuine comprehension rather than a focus on examinations.

When do you start accepting students?

We open admission in November before the Class X Board Exams. So, if a student is writing the Class X Board Exams in March 2012, admissions will open for him in November 2011.

Do you have counselling sessions for the students?

Counselling is an ongoing mechanism through our quarterly feedback sessions with parents and students. If parents feel that additional guidance is necessary, they are welcome to contact us to arrange this

What steps would you take if a student does not perform well in a particular subject?

Our data-driven approach enables us to easily understand the reason for a student’s poor performance. We are also able to pinpoint the topics that a student is performing poorly in. Customized remedial action is suggested to students and their parents during the quarterly PTA meeting or in between if necessary.

Do you offer contact programs?

  • ClearConcepts will shortly be releasing video recordings on various topics which will be available for sale at very reasonable rates.
  • A proper contact program is scheduled in its roadmap

Do you do personalized coaching?

  • ClearConcepts has an extremely advanced analytic tracking program to enable it to counsel each student specifically according to his or her needs.
  • The classroom environment benefits the student insofar as he gets to interact with his peers and learn / share with them

Do you synchronize your sequence of topics with any particular exam or board?

  • The sequence of topics has been developed in a logical manner enabling the students to build up on previously learnt topics in order to prepare for the entrance exams in an optimum manner.
  • Any synchronization with any board may lead to sub-optimal learning.
  • Having said this, it is quite possible that the sequence of topics is closely similar to a particular board.

What if my child has tests when you have your classes?

  • All ClearConcepts classes are recorded.
  • Therefore, if a student has to miss classes for any reason, he can always refer to the recordings of the same.
  • Any specific doubts that a student may have about a specific class can be raised on the Question and Answer forum where such doubts are speedily resovled by the concerned faculty.

What is your holiday calendar like?

  • ClearConcepts has the following breaks
    • Dussehra - 1 Week
    • Diwali - 2 or 3 days
    • Christmas - 1 Week
    • Between Classes XI and XII - From the middle of February to the end of March
    • Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are holidays

Do you accept partial payments?

No. ClearConcepts fees have to be paid in full at the start of each year. This is not refundable under any circumstances.

Live Online Interactive Classes

Who teaches in the online classes?

ClearConcepts faculty comprises the founders themselves and qualified teachers who have gone through the ClearConcepts training program for teachers that is conducted by the founders.

Are the classes live?

Our class sessions for the line online programmes are conducted in real time with students and the teacher meeting online at scheduled times.

Are the online classes interactive?

All our line online class sessions are fully interactive. If a student has a question, he need only press a button to indicate this to the teacher. Then the teacher activates the student’s microphone to enable him to ask the question. If the student wishes to use the whiteboard to explain his question, he may do this too using a digital pen.

What does a student see and hear?

The student can view the exact same notes that the teacher is using to teach in the live online class. These are high-quality color notes. The teacher may use simulations, applets, animations and other learning aids as well that all students can see. The teacher may also use a virtual whiteboard that is seen by all students. In addition, the student hears the teacher explaining a concept. If any student asks a question, all the other students hear the question and the response of the teacher.

What are the advantages of a virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom uses rich media (full color figures, animations, applets, virtual models, virtual experiments, etc.) to explain concepts. The virtual classroom also ensures that students are not distracted by classmates as what is heard in class is controlled by the teacher. The virtual classroom also does away with the need to travel from school/college to a coaching class.

Do students need to take notes in class?

All notes used by a teacher are made available to students on the Learning Centre. Hence, students need not take notes. They can concentrate on understanding what the teacher is explaining.

What time are the online classes held?

Online classes are held between 5 pm and 10 pm. A student may have to attend up to a maximum of two classes--i.e. a total of four hours--per day.

Can students chat with each other during an online class?

No. Students are expected to devote their time in class to listening to the teacher.

How does a student receive updates of online classes?

All updates concerning the online classes are done via the subject news forums on our Learning Centre. If the update is of a scheduling nature, then this is also done via the subject calendar. All these updates are sent by e-mail to the address given to ClearConcepts by the student.


What will parents see?

Using their accounts on the Learning Centre, parents have access to: a listing of the resources available to students, a log of their ward’s usage of the resources, a calendar showing the due dates for assignments and quizzes, their ward’s grades for all assignments and quizzes, all policy and technology-related documents.

How often is this information updated?

The calendar, resource list and grades are updated in real time as and when they are posted by the teacher.

How are PTA sessions conducted?

PTA sessions are conducted online.

How can I compare my child’s performance with that of other students?

Parents are given access to their ward’s rank in each course as well as in each graded quiz or assignment. They also know who the top performing students in each course are. Parents are also provided information on who are the top users of ClearConcepts resources. Usually those using the notes and putting in the most effort are also the top performers

What is expected from me as a parent?

The main area in which students in Classes XI and XII need help is time management. ClearConcepts provides parents with access to the resource lists and the calendar so that they can guide their wards to manage their time wisely. Parents are also expected to supervise their child when tests are taken from home, if they wish to simulate an exam atmosphere.

How can a parent contact ClearConcepts should he wish to?

Each parent is given an e-mail address to contact should he need anything. Parents can also call us during normal working hours.

How do I experience your Learning Centre?

Please fill up the form on the Contact Us page and indicate that you wish to experience the Learning Centre. You will be provided with a login ID and password.