Many people have now heard about ClearConcepts ‘Live Online Classes’.

You have often been wondering “How would a live class be conducted online?”

Now, you don’t need to wonder any more. You can now sign up to the ClearConcepts Demo Center and see for yourself how

  • How classes are conducted at ClearConcepts
  • View a recording of classes conducted previous in ClearConcepts
  • The quality of ClearConcepts teachers
  • Note how the teachers judiciously use the notes and supplement them with appropriate illustrations using whiteboards
  • The quality of ClearConcepts notes
  • See for yourself the legibility of ClearConcepts notes and the lack of need to make separate detailed notes for yourself on each class so that you can focus on what the teacher is saying
  • How ClearConcepts resolves doubts online on the Learning Centre.
  • Use our Online Question Forum to Resolve doubts you may have about the topics being taught. You can even raise your own doubts and have them answered.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for access to the center and judge for yourself.

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