Internet Connection, Computer and Accessories:


The following  are necessary for students to attend Live Online Classroom Programs.


  • Broadband Internet with 1MBPS+ speed


  • A reasonably modern Laptop/Desktop with Windows XP or Mac 10.5 or higher and any browser with flash (iPads and other tablets will not work)


  • UPS for Internet router and modem


  • Backup Power for Internet Router (through UPS) and if necessary for Laptop/Desktop.


  • A headset with a microphone. Speakers are not a substitute for a headset, but if the computer has a built in lic (most laptops do) then the headset need not have a microphone/


  • Digital tablet pen (this is not the same as a Tablet like the iPad or other Android Tablets). This is simply an instrument required to be able to write directly on the screen for Doubt Clearing. See here for details and two popular brands. Contact us for exact information on model numbers.

Students can attend ClearConcepts Programs easily without any specialized equipment. A Laptop is most suitable as it comes with its own battery. Worth bearing in mind is that students, once they join college will need a laptop anyway, so getting used to one early is worthwhile. A broadband connection is necessary. Most ISPs now provide at least 1MBPS connections, which are generally sufficient for the purposes of attending Live Online Interactive Classes (you may need to get your home wiring checked). Students must use headphones when attending classes, as using speakers is generally disruptive to other students in class. An inexpensive digital pen (costs under Rs 2000) is required to participate in classes and send faculty problem working so that they can tell students where they are going wrong in their working. This is particularly important for JEE doubt clearing where problems are of an intensive nature. Finally, depending upon the power situation in your area, you may need to provide uninterrupted power backup, at least for your internet modem.