Preparing for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams


Engineering Entrance Coaching


To understand the importance of entrance coaching one must get into some details. There are many Engineering Entrance Exams in India. It is possible to group exams by degree of difficulty in order to understand the best methods of Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation.

The premier exams include the JEE Main and Advanced and the BITSAT. The JEE Advanced, known formerly as the IIT JEE is one of the toughest examinations in the world at the level of Std XII. The JEE Main and BITSAT are less difficult that the JEE Advanced but quite difficult and competitive in their own right. These exams are considered to be difficult because their focus is on application of concepts, which is generally not taught well either in schools or in most coaching classes.

At the next level are the Exams run by various State Level exams, such as the VITJEE, Manipal, EAMCET, COMED-K and CETs. These are modeled on school syllabi and are far easier than the JEE Advanced, JEE Main and BITSAT. Preparation for these is far easier.

Why is Entrance Coaching necessary for JEE and BITSAT?

School syllabi, including books focus largely on facts and material that requires a mechanistic approach. As most students will be aware, most board exam questions are merely a repeat of what has been asked in earlier board exams, and a set approach is required for doing well in these exams. They do not require a deep understanding of science and math and do not generally pose a challenge for most students who are used to memorization as an exam technique. The JEE and BITSAT focus more on application, particularly the JEE Advanced. Without a strong foundation in understanding concepts it is extremely difficult to apply them. Can one learn to walk before on learns to crawl? Of course not!

With the recent efforts (since 2013) of creating a Common Entrance Examination all over the country for Engineering Colleges, the JEE Main appears to be becoming the nodal exam for many colleges. However the admissions require students to do well in Board Exams also, and all three exams, the JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT all require students to do well in Board Exams.  With two goals, students are generally time constrained in Std XI and XII and studying for both can become quite taxing. A good coaching institute can help this preparation in many ways.

1. Explaining Concepts from basics so that these can be used both for board exams and for competitive exams.

2. Providing Topical assessments that can account for each evolving new pattern in the JEE.

3. Provide doubt clearing services so that all doubts can be clarified as they arise.

4. Provide ongoing feedback on weak areas and specific plans for improvement.

In summary, while there are students who have cleared competitive exams without coaching, the vast majority of students who clear these exams do need assistance in the form of a long term coaching program.

For the State Level and Private college engineering entrance exams, we feel coaching is not necessary as the papers are quite easy. However students who attend coaching for JEE and BITSAT will automatically be well prepared for these exams.

ClearConcepts’ JEE Entrance Coaching Program specifically targets the JEE Advanced, JEE Main and the BITSAT. ClearCocnepts’ Foundation Programs allow students to start preparing early, with a focus on strengthening concepts that are important from the point of view of these competitive exams.


Medical Entrance Coaching


The Medical Entrance Exams also fall into three broad categories. In the first category is the AIIMS which is by far the toughest. The second group comprises exams such as the JIPMER, CMC Vellore Entrance Exam and the AIPMT. In the third group are the state level and private college entrance exams.

Is Medical Entrance Exam Coaching necessary?

Coaching is generally necessary for some medical entrance exams such as AIIMS, JIPMER, CMC Vellore Entrance Exam and AIPMT. Again, this pertains to the level of difficulty of exam questions in terms of what they focus on. The focus of these papers too is application, particularly in Physics and Chemistry, whereas the Biology papers are less applied and more factual in nature.In fact the AIIMS Physics and Chemistry paper questions are often at the level of the JEE Advanced! Such application can only come from a deep understanding of concepts. Given than the syllabus for most Medical Entrance Exams is quite vast, students cannot afford to waste time. Coaching helps for medical entrance in the following ways.

1. Provides a structured learning program for the vast syllabus.

2. Focuses on concepts that are the basis of many questions, particularly in physics and chemistry. Doing well in these subjects is critical to getting a good rank! These concepts also help with board exams, reducing the pressure on students.

3. Provides topical assessments that are exam focused.

4. Provide ongoing feedback on weak areas and specific plans for improvement.

The third group of state level and private college entrance exams are relatively simple and do not need specific entrance coaching as long as a student prepares well for Board Exams, However, coaching for tougher exams such as the AIIMS, JIPMER and AIPMT will stand such students in good stead for the easier exams as well.

ClearConcepts Medical Entrance Coaching Programs target the AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER and CMC Vellore Entrance Exams. Our Foundation Programs lay a strong foundation in Physics and Chemistry as well.