Resolve ALL your doubts about JEE- 2016 questions

By now, all you serious students for JEE 2016 would have completed their syllabus once and be looking to sharpen up your skills to prepare for one of the toughest exams of your life.

At this stage, there may be some concepts about which are not very clear, some problems whose solution you are not able to understand. How do you get these addressed

Now, ClearConcepts offers a unique Doubt Resolution Package designed to address precisely this issue.
Here is how it works.

Doubt Resolution Mechanism

  • You send us your doubts over our Online forums (separate for each subject). It will help if you attach any working you may have done for problems.
  • ClearConcepts faculty will address these doubts within 2 working days (usually less than 24 hours). These resolutions remain online for future reference till the completion of the JEE Advanced.
  • Follow up questions can be sent on the thread till the doubt is completely resolved.


Bonus Revision Classes

  • ClearConcepts is conducting revision classes for its regular batches.
  • You can attend ongoing classes or watch recordings of finished classes for NO ADDITIONAL COST
  • You can also attempt quizzes and test papers being conducted by ClearConcepts and have any doubts on those problems reviewed as well
  • Before the exams, ClearConcepts conducts up to 5 complete MOCK JEE Tests. You will be eligible to take these tests as well.


  • Our Doubt Resolution Package comes to you at a price of Rs. 39,000 all inclusive for Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  • If you wish to take only two subjects, a price can be worked out for this as well
  • Subscribe before 31st October and avail of a 10% discount on the price
  • Sign up NOW for a 1-week FREE TRIAL
  • For details contact Sukrit Vijayakar on +9198334 30370 or mail him at



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