Super Convenience for Live Classroom Program Students


  • Online Programmes cut down on non productive time, i.e the time spent in traveling to coaching classes.


  • Students study from home, so eat nutritious home cooked food rather than eating out when they travel to Coaching Classes.


  • Eating at home and relaxing between school and ClearConcepts classes ensures that students are in a better frame of mind to absorb what is taught. See Program Details for the appropriate program to get a sense for the timings of live classes.


  • Minimizing travel means minimizing exposure to pollution making this a healthier option for students.


  • No travel, especially late at night, does away with safety issues associated with students being away from home late.


  • Expenses associated with travel and eating out reduce significantly


  • Since students can attend classes from anywhere, breaks with the family need not be compromised.



  • Since the Classes are online, ClearConcepts students have successfully attended Live Online Classes from all kinds of destinations when on a break, including those overseas.


  • Students do not need to take notes in classes as notes and recordings of the Live class are provided on the Learning Centre. Students only spend their time understanding what the teacher is explaining.


  • Students can ask questions outside class anytime – no need to wait till the next class!


  • Doubt Clearing sessions without any travel allow students to get focused attention as required.


Super Convenience for Parents:


  • Parents attend review meetings from home – no need to travel!


  • Learnalytics – our in house Learning Analytics Engine analyzes student effort and performance and notifies teachers whether a student is putting in enough effort a consistent basis and is reaching a minimum preparedness level. Corrective action can then be taken quickly, and advice provided is customized, detailed and specific.


  • Parents get access to the Learning Centre and can closely monitor the effort put in by their ward.


  • Parents are provided with monthly reports via email so that they can gauge student progress, areas for improvement and specific actions for improvement. See this video to view what the Ready Report looks like