It is a well understood fact that the leap from Class X to Class XI is a gigantic leap of sorts. This is especially true in the subjects of Science and Maths.

In the first place, the curriculum for Class XI is far vaster than that for Class X, no matter which board the child may have been appearing in. Moreover, each topic is also covered in far greater detail than in Class X.

ClearConcepts has, for students wishing to prepare themselves better for crossiing this chasm, devised a Foundation program specifically geared towards narrowing this gap.

Its major salient points are

  • It covers important topics taught in Class IX and Class X so that the student is better prepared in these topics
  • It gives students an overview of the topics that they will be learning in Class XI and XII without putting any ‘pressure’ on them through complicated problems etc.
  • The ClearConcepts doubt clearing methodology can be used by students to clarify doubts they face not only in these classes, but also in their preparations for the board exams.

For more information on the ClearConcepts Class X Foundation program, click here

For better understanding on how ClearConcepts Classes and the Doubt Resolution Mechanism works, click here

Those who wish to see how classes are actually conducted can sign up for access to our demo centre from the latter page.

Alternatively, you may write to along with your telephone number and the class that interests you.

The ClearConcepts Foundation Program for Class X represents an opportunity to build a solid base for the student as he embarks on higher studies.

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