Followers of our blog may recall that the AIPMT exam held earlier had been declared null and void by the Supreme court following allegations of large scale irregularities. The Supreme Court had asked the CBSE to hold the exams within four weeks.

While obviously taking more than four weeks to conduct the exam again (we understand that the CBSE had requested permission to do so on the grounds that it was just not physically possible to comply with the order), the CBSE has come up with a dress code that borders on the bizarre to curb cheating. Some of the code includes,

  • Wear Light Colored Clothes with maximum half sleeves. The clothes should not have Big Buttons
  • Wear Open Slippers(no shoes)
  • Wallets / Goggles / Hand Bags / Hair Bands are not allowed
  • Ear Rings / Nose Rings etc. are not allowed
  • Physical frisking may be compulsory.

For a detailed list of the do’s and don’ts, click here.

The CBSE seems to have gone to extremes in trying to ensure no cheating happens.

A very sad commentary on the state of affairs in our country.

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