Admission Process

Admissions to ClearConcepts Programs are ope throughout the year. Admission to our programs are contingent on availability of seats.

ClearConcepts does not screen students and admission is on a first come first serve basis. Seats are guaranteed on receipt of fees by prescribed due dates.

The following are the steps in the admission process

1. Inquiry made using the contact page.

2. ClearConcepts will send detailed program information and a technical test e mail with instructions on verifying that home computer is sufficient.

3. Prospective Student/Parent confirm that equipment and internet is of minimum configuration needed for online classes.

4. ClearConcepts conducts an online counselling session.

5. ClearConepts provides access to limited online materials for the purpose of evaluation.

6. Student/Parent confirms that they wish to continue with the program and review terms and conditions.

7. Student/Parent pays fees as per their payment plan of choice.

Students who join a program late after it has commenced have access to previous class recordings, notes, quizzes and assignments and are able to ask questions on material they have missed. The onus of putting in the extra work to catch up is theirs. ClearConcepts will however track progress in this catch up and make recommendations on a monthly basis.

Fees paid are not refundable, so please be sure that the ClearConcepts Program is appropriate for you.

Contact us to know more or initiate the admission process. As seats are limited, you are requested to begin this process early.