2 Year Intensive Live Online Medical Entrance Coaching Programme: Who is it for?


The 2 Year Intensive Live Online Medical Entrance Coaching Programme is an online classroom designed for students entering Std XI who intend to take the Medical Entrance Examinations on Completion of Std XII or for students in Std XII who into to drop one year and take these exams one year after completion of Std XII.


Students who have undergone Medical Entrance Coaching  in Std XI but wish to change to the ClearConcepts Medical Entrance online coaching program can also join the second year of this program.

This Medical Entrance Coaching Program is of most use to students who are targeting the following Examinations


Programme Highlights:


  • 650+ Hours of Live Online Classroom Teaching
  • Year 1 runs from June to February
  • Year 2 runs from April to January including the Revision Program
  • Students are enrolled for free in the 3 Month Revision Programme which runs from October to January
  • Six pre scheduled classes (each of approx 90) mins per week
    • Four classes on weekdays between 6 PM and 9:30 PM
    • Two classes on Saturday between 4 PM and 9 PM
  • Online Tests on some Sundays

Programme Features:


  • This completely online Medical Entrance Coaching Program features Live Online Classes, Notes, Quizzes, Assignments, Tests, Solutions and Doubt Clearing.
  • For program features comparison click here

Programme Fees:

  • Upfront Plan:                               Rs. 59,000  (Incl. Taxes)
  • Instalment Plan:                          Rs. 65,000 (Incl. Taxes)
    • On Signup :                          Rs. 30,000
    • 1st Aug 2015 :                      Rs. 20,000
    • 1st Nov 2015 :                      Rs. 15,000
    • 1st Feb 2016 :                      Rs’ 30,000
    • 1st Jun 2016 :                      Rs. 20,000
    • 1st Aug 2016 :                      Rs. 15,000


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